Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tea Pots

Well i am back to tatting more tea pots from Martha's new book i am hoping to make them fit in a tray and enter them in the fair this year. I have done the Maltese ring tea pot and the creamer and sugar, and yesterday i did the Celtic Tea pot, today i am starting the Shamrock tea pot, then i am not sure of the next one because the others in the book are to tall so i might have to change one some to make it fit or just do one of the one i have done again, not sure yet what i will do.When it is done i will take a picture of it so show everyone

Friday, May 22, 2009

I need to post more often

I am sorry that life does get in the way of me posting more often. My friend Shirley Putzig passed on the 8th of may, I was lucky to go and see her on the 6th, I took her her birthday present a tatted teapot in a frame that I started at Hector she was very happy with it. After her service i was thinking of Shirley as i drove the hour home and i have come up with Shirley Angel.

I dont ever remember Shirley in anything but jeans and tee shirts so this is how i think Shirley looks as a angel.