Sunday, January 10, 2010

I finished another ornament on friday but i think it need more work i wanted it to be able to hang nicely without a glass bulb inside it, well it does hang but i think it need more stability so i will work on it some more soon.

I also wanted to show what i got in the exchange i did with the Fringe elememts it was a wonderful winter exchange i got my gift from Tina Neudorf.


Maureen said...

The green ornament is very pretty - maybe you could hang a heavy charm or something inside, to stabilise it?
Wow!! - an exchange with Tina Neudorf, how exciting! I'm tatting her Rose Heart at the moment! Did she sign her book for you?

wickedtats said...

wow. the ornaments that you've been doing look great! said...

I really like the ornaments using the bangles. They remind me of Chandeliers