Sunday, February 21, 2010

What i have been up to

I havent been tatting much lately. I got out my knitting machine and took a class on how to make scarves and it was great to learn how to do things on this machine, But then i realized there is so much more i could do if i had all the parts to it. So i was looking for another machine and found a great one with more things than i know what to do with so far but i am learning how to use everything slowly. Last night i worked on lace knitting and i made a scarf for one of the girls i work with it turned out beautiful. It is amazing how teh lace just falls off the machine i made a 500 row scarf in about 2 hours.

Yesterday during the day i went down to see Karey for a meeting and getting things ready for Hector!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was a fun day to get some tatting done not much to much chatting and having fun.

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Maureen said...

You have been seduced by the knitting machine! - I didn't know they could knit lace, you'll have so much fun with it. But don't stay away from tatting for TOO long!