Monday, November 22, 2010

Here is what i have been up to!

I have finished my sweater that have learned machine knitting on. And i have been designing more ornaments for this year.


Maureen said...

You've been so busy!! The sweater is lovely, but you told me it was green! - it looks gold in my picture. I love it all.
If it had been a hand-knitting pattern, I could have made a cardigan too!

Kathy Niklewicz said...

Your sweater is gorgeous! A lot of intricate stitches, which I assume must be manipulated by hand on the machine.

I'm very impressesd if you are a 'beginner' on the machine. I've found machine knitting to be very challenging, and it helped that I was a hand knitter. However, I have just a basic model and I only use it for stockinette stitch patterns. I'm curious what kind of machine you have.

You're tatted ornaments are quite fancy. You've obviously been very busy!

Ginny W said...

Yes Kathy i did lots of hand manipulate stitches in the sweater.I made the sweater on a LK150 machine, i do hope to make more but i would love a easier pattern so i am on the hunt for a nice easy sweater pattern for that machine. I found your blog and and you have some wonderful things on it.

Liyarra said...

Ginny these are gorgeous. Can't wait for the next book!

linb54 said...

Just now seeing these items. Your sweater turned out beautiful! Now Maureen you know it has to be green! lol Tatted ornaments are very nice too.