Friday, September 2, 2011

My next big Project!

I want to do a animal tatted alphabet, I think i have most of the patterns i need for this project so far!
A is for Alligator I have Dianna Stevens Bookmark pattern
B is for Bear I have 12 tatted animals book
C is for Cat 12 Tatted Animals book
D is for Dolphin Jane Eborall pattern
E is for Elephant Jane Eborall pattern
F is for Fish Jane Eborall Pattern
G is for Giraffe 12 Tatted Animals book
H is for Hippo Jane Eborall Pattern
I is for
J is for
K is for Kangaroo Jane Eborall Pattern
L is for Lobster Jane Eborall Pattern
M is for Mercat Jane Eborall Pattern
N is for
O is for Octopus Debbie Aronold pattern
P is for Penguin Jane Eborall Pattern
Q is for Queen Bee no patter yet
R is for Rabbit no pattern yet or maybe a Rooster! Jane Eborall Pattern
S is for Snail 12 tatted animals book
T is for Turtle no pattern yet
U is for Unicorn 12 tatted animals book (horse)
V is for Vampire Bat Mark Meyes Pattern
W is for
X is for Xenicidae (wren) Jane Eborall Pattern
Y is for Yard Ant pattern from the web not sure who
Z is for Zebra no pattern yet

Any good patterns for the ones i need that you know of or for the letters i am not sure of yet??


Jane Eborall said...

A gecko is an iguana and that could be your 'I' letter. At a stretch J could be the joey in the kangaroo pattern. Then N became a problem so I 'googled' it and couldn't find an answer. W could be a wallaby!!! Still thinking here in the UK!!!

Ginny W said...

What about a Newt and use the gegcko pattern!!!!

Isdihara said...

N animals: Nautilus? Nuthatch? Nanny-goat? Newt?

W animals: whale (Martha Ess has a great block-tatted whale)? Weasel? (could use a ferret...again Martha Ess has a block tatted ferret, I think) Wallaby? Water Dragon? (or is that cheating?)

Z animals: Zebra (use black-n-white thread and a horse pattern)

dani, the geek said...

you still have time to decide J = Jackalope!

see Jackalope pics

dani, the geek said...

ooh, ooh, ooh... N = Narwhale!

Maureen said...

N is for Numbat!

Gina said...

"I" could also be an inchworm. I know I've seen one somewhere but couldn't tell you at the moment.

Anonymous said...

If you are still looking for inspiration:

N: Newt, AnneB published a small one last month.
W: Wren: take JaneEb's robin and do it in wren colours (hm, I see you are doing that for X...
I: Ibex? I seem to recall a pattern, but no idea where, so here is a pic for inspiration:
J: Jaguar? Not that I have any idea how to tatt one, lol:
Q: There are a few bees in the doodle collection SheronB has made available recently at:
X: In case you want the wren for W, you could go with Xerces buttefly: Here is a picture to inspire you:

What a fun idea!

Anonymous said...

hm, th elink to the google docs doodle pattern compilation did not post. Here I go again:

Tia said...

W = Wombat! surely someone in OZ has a pattern for a wombat....