Sunday, July 29, 2012

Busy Month

Well it has been a very busy month getting ready for my big trip!  My Mom has sciatic hip pain and so I have been doing all the house work and getting things done for her with Dads help, They had a get together for their Griswold Cast Iron Friends that was the 20 thru the 22 of July then we had a family get together on the 28 of July. On that day it started out raining but OK then I got a call my daughter borrowed my car to go to Canada and she was in a accident on the NY State thruway. She is OK and so in my nephew who was with her. But my car I will see tomorrow how that will make out. I am sure it will be all better when I get back from my trip.


Maureen said...

Everything happens at once, doesn't it? - but soon you'll be on the plane, and I will be waiting at the airport for you. I hope that your mother's hip pain will get better soon.

Bonnie said...

Sorry to hear about your Mom's hip pain. But glad to hear your daughter and nephew are okay, please remember cars can be repaired.