Sunday, August 12, 2012

Our Trip Today

Here is where Maureen and I went today!

It was fun looking at the wonderful wildlife!
Yes I have zoom on my camera I wasent that close.

And wonderful Plants!

Also Catcus!

We went to the Bonsi House!

The we had this bad critter cross our path and I said no more!!
I dont like snakes! He was huge!

This is what I got tatted yesterday and today so far.
 They are both Karen Bickerton Patterns.
My frog should have red eyes but I like elue eyes.


Margarets designer cards said...

What a lovely place to visit, than you for sharing your photos,
I love your tatting, I think your frog looks great with blue eyes.

Bonnie said...

other than the snake crossing your path :-) it looks like it was a nice day

Jane Eborall said...

Now, now, now you're having TOO much fun. I love snakes and I bet that one was more scared of you than you of him!!!