Saturday, October 6, 2012

what i have done so far today

I started the day cutting out i have 2 horses and 2 Giraffes cut out ready to sew

This is my Lizabeth thread solid colors all size 20

My lizabeth varigated all size 20

the rest of the lizabeth varigated

My Aida thread size 20

the rest of my Aida size 20

my only 2 balls of lizabeth size 40

Next i will get pictures of my size 80 thread collection


Maureen said...

only TWO balls of 40? - well obviously that is a gaping hole which needs to be filled!
Everything is no neat and tidy! - you're on a roll.

Margarets designer cards said...

Gosh you keep your thread so tidy, i put mine to shame as its under the bed in a draw.
I don't think it will stay two long with only two balls of 40'. I am sure you will get more.