Sunday, December 9, 2012

this is a mistake flake
it should be
Wheel of Fortune snowflake by Terri D

This is the 
Small Star by Birgit Phelps

This is by Edda Schneider

I am hoping to get enough done to put on my tree I am not putting 
up any glass ornaments this year we have 2 kittens in the house
They are terrors but they cant hurt a snowflake!


Maureen said...

I am tatting the Wheel of Fortune today, too - to send to Sydney!It's such an easy pattern, I love it.

Margarets designer cards said...

Hi Ginny

Thank you for the comment on my snowflakes, yours are beautiful, I have some lovely ones tomorrow which will be the last ones for christmas
I wish you and your family a very happy christmas

Susanne said...
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Susanne said...

Lovely snowflakes, Ginny.