Saturday, January 26, 2013

What i have been up to

Sorry i haven't posted much i do try to check all my friends blogs but I have been very busy.

My mom is waiting for her hip to be replaced and we are finally getting there it will be done on feb 5.
this week we have a appointment for her to have a filter put in so she wont get blood clots again!
She has been in a wheel chair for the last month she can only pivot with help so getting her hip done will be great then we will look in to the next hip but i think it will go better.

I have been tatting some but i just don't have as much time as i used to.

On a good note Barb from handy hands contacted me and i am sending her 50 of each book in the mail today!

Dad and i worked on them the last two day to get them in the mail before the price goes up on monday.


Margarets designer cards said...

Well done on getting 50 copies of your book in the post.
I hope your mums op goes well,

Maureen said...

Hopefully your mother will regain her mobility after the surgery, and then you will have more time to tat again - and congratulations on the Book Sale, that's great news.

Susanne said...

Sorry about your mother but hope she will soon be on her legs again after surgery.
Great news regarding the book.
Take care.

linb54 said...

wonderful news about your books. hope your Mom is doing well by now. give her a hug for me.