Saturday, March 23, 2013

Finger Lakes Tatting Convention

Well the convention is coming quickly so today I started getting things ready!!
I cut out a Horse and a Snowman to sew for the raffle. I also cut out another Horse and a Giraffe!
I hope to get some of the sewing done tonight!

I have also been working on Ideas to teach in Canada in September!   I was so happy I was asked to teach this year I do love to come up with new ideas to teach!!!

Also Mom is doing so much better and we are hoping she gets her other hip done soon. She is doing more now then she was doing last July!  And she had her left hip done on Feb 5 I think it is amazing how she has improved so quickly and she still has one bad hip so she still uses a walker most of the time.

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Maureen said...

I missed your blog update! - I have been busy :)
I love your animals, I hope they raise lots of money for the group.