Saturday, April 20, 2013

OK I am playing with making a Quilt

I bought a book off the internet called Quilt a Koala
I was so happy to get it 
there is 18 different Australian animals in it!
So today I started playing with one of them
What do you think of my Plattypus!!


God's Kid said...

Neat!! :)

H J Hess said...

How fun! What other animals are in the book?

Ginny W said...

There is a Koala, Kangaroo, Black Swan, Frill-Necked Lizard, Possum, Frog, Echidna,Wombat,Blue Wren, Rosella, Kookaburra, Pelican, Emu, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Magpie, Galah, and a Boobook Owl

Maureen said...

With all those animals to choose from, I can't imagine you picking any of the others for a first attempt! - wil you do all of them and make a lovely big quilt?

linb54 said...

sounds like fun, can't wait to see the finished photo!