Thursday, July 4, 2013

What i have been up to

Well my mom has 2 new hips finally!!  And is home from rehab from the second the first was in February.
Now i hope i can get back to my old life.  I have sent in my paper work for the new York state fair!  I have to get a doily done to enter now by august 9th!!! the rest is easy to get done.  A Christmas ornament and a snowflake and a vase of tatted poseys. so i will be busy trying to get a doily finished i hope in time. i am doing one from Renulek blog it is the one with the snowflakes in the center i am on row 4 now. So maybe it will be finished or maybe it will finished after the fair, i think i can stop after the snowflake row if i have to then finish it after.


Maureen said...

Are you doing the Honey Napkin?? - that will take you longer than August....
I'm glad your mother is back home now, and all the surgery is behind her.

Kathy Niklewicz said...

I was thinking the Honey Napkin also, and that would be overwhelming to me! So glad that you can return to your normal routine and that your Mom is on the mend, although I can't imagine going through all that!